Prey or Predator!

Violence or destruction has always been the very foundation of nature. Every moment, something becomes a Prey to the Predator, whether it is an Animal or Human.

In forest, it is the animal in lower strata and in human establishments, it is the weakest lot, that may include children, woman and man, who face the burn.

When people talk about shunning violence, I wonder, how? It has always been a fight for survival and will be forever same, till we all exist at the end of time.

If lion doesn’t kill, it will go hungry and eventually die. It is food for him, but then, isn’t that a form of violence.

Among human, it is the greed and power that makes humans accept violence. We learn this through nature. Aggression, hatred, insecurity are all called as evil, but it is embedded in our mind unless we learn or taught to control it.

All the experiences and derivatives, we have garnered through ages are based on nature’s adaptation.

Women were portrayed as weak, since long forgotten era and we are still following the belief. Education was supposed to change this, but we are afraid of change, getting lost in What Ifs!

That is strong overpowering weak by any means as violence. We depict nature as peaceful, but there are times, when it becomes violent, killing anything that comes in it’s way.

There are people who advocate peace, but very few. We all hate the idea of violence, but If drastic situation arises to save oneself, then what do they choose? To accept being Prey or become a Predator?

Either way, they are assimilated in Violence.

P.S. Just random thought, don’t go on hyperdrive thinking I am promoting violence, just trying to understand the basics of same, how and why it still exists on such a peaceful earth!

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