About Me!

Hi, Welcome to my Travel Website! I am Sonya, an EA by Profession, Botanist by Education, love to travel, sometimes on budget, sometimes luxury, sometimes just pick up backpack and leave. I keep itineraries ready, in case, I get chance to leave. So, in short, I got eclectic mix, hoping to utilize maximum time in knowing this wonderful world.

I rarely write about trips, because it is time-consuming (well end product is relief). Hence, most of the Sahyadri Treks, few trips or even few light Himalayan Treks are not mentioned in this Website. I started trekking in 2009, thereon trekking every Sunday with a group called VRangers (still many of them are my good Friends). It continued for 3 years, with intermediate Rappelling sessions, Waterfall Rappelling at different Waterfalls, Camping, River Crossing, Valley Crossing. Thereafter, started Range trekking with Shikhar Vedh and alongwith that, Bike Trips with Friends. I can’t drive, but, I can plan and navigate well 🙂 This continued for another 2 years, whenever, there was an extended holiday, our group would move out. Most detailed and expansive planning happened for Coastal Konkan, and is considered the best among all, because of location and budget.

Slowly, Biking Group started dispersing and I came back to Trips. I started gathering few like minded people, researched well about place and explored, mostly trying to fit in minimum budget. This led me to understand and study human nature as well as how I react to certain situations. It made me more composed and patient.

Later, I did get bored of waiting for people to accept the plan and organise their leave schedule and then respond (Most of the time, the tickets used to go on waiting list). I got enticed by the idea of Solo travelling, offcourse, being introvert and anti-social kind of person, I was bit wary of travelling alone. Finally, there was some 5 days official leave during Diwali and people don’t venture out during Diwali, since they like to celebrate the Festival with their family. I made up my mind to travel Solo. And it turned out to be the best trip of my life. I decided to travel Solo, once a year on any extended holidays, offcourse it becomes an expensive affair but worth the mental break.

So, that’s how it started and hope to continue till I can walk on this earth! Many locations, many aspirations, hope it all comes true!

Now, about this Website, I have made categories as per the States in India, will be easier to locate and plan. Also, there is separate category for Itineraries, which I have followed and modified a bit to suit any traveler’s need.