Fickle Mind’s Diary

Ahista Ahista yeh mujhe kya ho gaya!

It is the same situation that seems to repeat every alternate month, suddenly hormones run into overdrive and sweet dreams keep popping up like popcorns in the hot pan.

It all starts with the hormonal changes, that seem to affect every teenager and finally causing claustrophobically dumbstruck expression and continues to haunt throughout life.

The effects are same like Olympic runner’s heartbeat, the funny sheepish smile, wandering eyes.

Day and night seem to pass, as if they are non-existent and doesn’t affect our routine, just because, we are so mesmerized in their thoughts.

Then, there are times when the heart beats for two of them almost at the same time. The most fickle state always leading to confounded mind.

It is such a funny thing, how people refer love as some kind of divine emotion. Offcourse, it is supposed to be a DIVINE. But, eventually for some, when it ends, the term becomes ‘The wine’.

How strong or perfect it can be depends on the person’s devotion to opposite one. Now, where in the world has one got time to devote to another person? It is certainly a big task. And, we right now live in a world, where devotion is a very scarce.

Everytime, heart skips a beat, I make sure, I stay in that haze for sometime, not because it is a nice feeling, instead I love the chase, the adventure for heart.

The moment the chase ends, soon boredom strikes back. My dear friends do ask me, why I never fell in love.

First of all, I am not clear, what is love, second, when every other person seems nice, whom should I fall for, my confused heart always laments, third, falling  means hurting oneself, now, why the heck would I hurt herself.

Life is so short & unpredictable, don’t know when an actual twist comes and changes the path altogether AGAIN.

Till then, enjoy the Ahista Ahista yeh mujhe kya ho gaya!

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