Those days, that existed long back,

Suddenly seems lost somewhere?

Desperation rings bell,

When you run fast alongwith life,

Trying to make ends meet,

forgetting what happiness meant,

Dashing by people, running after endless clock,

Ever tried to wander during festivals,

Kids getting crumpled, women scream,

That’s the kind of life bestowed on us,

By whom and for what?

There is no time for simple smile,

but ready to pounce on small issues,

refusing to walk along even a mile,

Having lost the way of generous living,

people seem to survive only to outdo each other,

Vacant places don’t exist anymore,

among noisy, cramped surrounding!

With humans trying to usurp every other being!

So many vehicles roam around,

it is not a luxury anymore,

Instead, waiting endlessly to drive out,

Sometimes, I wonder if machines outnumber humans?

People say money can’t buy happiness,

Really? ask a kid, you will get a befitting reply,

Every other desire is associated with money,

If money is not worth anything, then why the rush,

People getting on throats, killing each other,

Depression wouldn’t be so rampant,

Seems, its just about surviving,

but for whom, why and where?

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