Whatever the problem life throws at you,

There is always a ‘Choice’

Still, people crib about ‘this’ and ‘that’

They say, it is not easy to choose,

But, ain’t this the only life,

Who knows about next or previous one,

If you want to actually ‘live’ then opt,

Excuses wont make life easier,

Neither the dependency or social norms,

Struggle will always be there,

Whether at birth or any new begining,

those who say & show it easy,

are the ones who hide their troubled lives in Closet,

Since, it is life, it is not supposed to be bed of roses,

How strong or weak are you,

depends on your choice!

Leave the pathetic living,

get out & face the world heads-on!

Because, at the end, it is you, who would smile

At the life you lived!

Or frown and cry for what you could have done!

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