Moments- Constant & Variables!

There was always a longing desire to recreate the lost magic,

that once existed for just one moment, in abundance.

I tried grasping it, but it would slip away every time!

People don’t change, their priorities change.

Time once gone, doesn’t come back along with the happiness, sadness or fun shared.

Just the way, clock keeps on running, we have to run,

Making new moments of happiness, instead of remembering past again and again.

“So, move on!” said my mind.

I hated to accept this ultimate truth, but the question arose!

Till when, one should keep running.

Always searching for a constant phase, I never found one.

The moment my mind starts accepting a person as a Constant,

there comes the typhoon of change and leaves behind disaster of memories, some good, some bad.

All in all, something to reckon with in future.

Although, there are some constants, that kept coming back,

when I had moved on far off. Why should I be in guilt?

If they were not there, when I needed a constant company.

It happened many times, now it seem to be like a routine.

People come and go, for that is, what is Life!.

I accordingly take some characters from them and leave my memories with them.

If they remember again, they come back or are lost in time.

It might hurt at that particular moment, but for long run,

I started loving Variables.

Slowly, the fear of walking alone started fading.

I do now long for that day,

when I will travel this journey, without worrying about any Constant or Variables!

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