Vadodara – Champaner – Pavagad – Ahmedabad

Take a Midnight train to Vadodara – 00:02 to 05:16 am, Freshen up at Waiting Room

Day 1: Leave excess Luggage at Cloak Room, Breakfast at Vadodara, Outside Station. Hire Auto for Vadodara Sightseeing.

Vidyadhar Vav, Laxmi Vilas Palace (might take more than an hour to see), Qutubuddin Tomb, Mandvi Gate

Have Lunch in the City, come back to Railway Station, Pick up Bag, take bus to Champaner (Vadodara Bus Stand is located outside Railway Station)

Reach by 3 PM, Check-in at one of the Dharamshala located in Champaner

Take Auto / Bus to Pavagadh Base – Cable Car /Hike to Pavagadh Temple

Return by Walking down the hill. On the way see monuments till Evening.

Rest – Night Stay

Day 2: Next day, Hire Auto to visit Champaner Monuments till 02:00 PM

Lunch, and leave for Vadodara, Reach by 3:00 PM, take another bus / train to Ahmedabad  – Reaching by 4:00 PM

Sightsee some monuments Dada Hari ni Vav, Mata Hari ni Vav, Sarkhej Roza, Sidi Sayyed Mosque, Jhulta Minar,

Law Garden Night Market, Night Stay at Ahmedabad.

Day 3: Next day, Hire Car for a Balasinor half day Trip, rest of the remaining day can be used to cover the Jama Masjid, Adalaj Vav (10 kms from Ahmedabad), Catch Train / Bus in the night to Mumbai

Reach Mumbai in the Morning by 07:00 am


Pavagarh is famous for Shaktipeeth Temple. There are also ruins of a Jain temple and Monumnets.

Champaner is a walled city, which along with the hill fort and temple of Pavagarh is called the Champaner and Pavagadh Archeological Park.

3 Days are sufficient to cover these historically rich cities. I missed out on Balasinor because of some reason, but one should visit it, because it has connection with Dinosaur Fossils.

Places to see in the Champaner – Pavagadh Archeological Park:

  1. Jami masjid
  2. Nagina masjid and cenotaph
  3. Lakulisa temple
  4. Kalikamata temple
  5. Ek minar ki Masjid
  6. Iteri Masjid
  7. Atak Gate
  8. Kamani Masjid
  9. Vadatalav ka Maqbara
  10. Navlakha Kothar
  11. Old Digamber temple
  12. Mahakali Temple
  13. Lakulish Temple
  14. Khuneshwar Temple
  15. Sat Kaman
  16. Manchi Haveli
  17. Sakar Khan’s Dargah
  18. Buland Darwaza
  19. Kewada mosque
  20. Lila gumbaz
  21. Maqbara Mandvi
  22. Panch Mahudha ka Maqbara
  23. Sikander Shah’s Tomb in Halol
  24. Geban Shah’s Vav – Champaner, closeby Helical Stepwell

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