Western Arunachal – Dirang to Tawang

Next day, our haversacks were loaded on top, we preferred to sit in back for some time and thereafter, all of us kept changing seats throughout journey. Thankfully, these guys were very nice and made us very comfortable. They all came from different states but had common College base – Hostelites.  Our first stop was Dirang Monastery.  We told them that previous evening, we hiked all the way up to reach there and view it, If we had known we were about to get here so easily in a Sumo, we would have dropped it yesterday itself. But then, we took the tour leisurely yesterday, and this time, we did more of selfies and funny acrobatic shots.

Flowers at Dirang Monastery

By the time they came back, we got lots of photography done with the valley view. Next was famous Dirang Hot Springs. It was on the way. These guys and Kaveri climbed down to view the springs, I was least interested in that, I climbed few stairs, clicks some flora, studied some ferns (which are in abundance in this region). They came back, bit disappointed as the place was not that great as expected.

Sela Pass

More zigzag, hair pin bend road, the view on both the sides was amazing. Huge Mountains and moving fog, worth every shot. We reached Sela Pass around 7.30 am and it was freezing cold, alongwith drizzle.

Sela Lake

Hardly 500 mtrs was visible. Located at 13,700 ft., there is a Sela lake adjoining the Pass, which adds to the beautiful landscape. There is an army canteen, where one can eat maggi and drink tea or coffee.



We had coffee, got the caffeine kick, which made the drizzle, wind and cold bearable. There is a washroom facility available too. After spending half an hour, we moved further ahead to Jaswantgarh.

_DSC8042We stopped at one point, almost after an hour, where the earth was covered with yellow flowers, hairpin bend road on the background, moving fog and mountain was covered with snow. We spend some 10 minutes before the air froze us all.

_DSC8057.JPGLater, we stopped at a road side waterfall, another beautiful sight. We reached Jaswant Garh Memorial at approximately 9:00 am. It was covered with fog initially, as we started climbing, the fogs started to clear the view. There were yaks grazing around. This memorial is dedicated to Jaswant Singh who sacrificed his life during the Indo – Chinese war in 1962, by fighting continuously for 72 hours, he was later captured and hanged at the same place.

The tree trunk is also part of the memorial. Martyred Jaswant Singh was awarded Maha Vir Chakra posthumously & the army has posted caretakers who maintain his memorial. We left for Tawang after spending half an hour. On the way, we stopped at Jang Falls.

Jaswantgarh Memorial

It is a huge waterfall. There is a cemented path to go down and view the Waterfall closer in all its might. I avoided, while others climbed down. Again, I looked around the floras (Botanist mode) that formed at the base of the falls.

Jang Waterfall

Also, the moisture level in the air was very high, which could have affected the electronics, I was carrying. After sometime, they all came back and we moved ahead. We halted at a road side restaurant for the lunch. We reached Tawang in the late afternoon.

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