Hampi – Photoblog

This was my second visit to my all-time favorite “A place that feels like home”. Last time, we spent 3 days to explore Hampi, yet it was incomplete, this time repeated the main temples but explored some more areas in Tungabhandra River area, had Coracle ride, saw 108 Shivlinga, 1008 Shivlinga. Maybe in future more visits will happen to this stunningly awesome place.

Hampi was lighted in different colors throughout because of Hampi Festival in coming week.

Virupaksha Temple: One of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, dating back to 1,300 years. It is believed to be functioning uninterruptedly since its inception in 7th century AD. Also known as Pampapati Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per the history, This temple was earlier smaller than the current one. Vijaynagara rulers were responsible for building into this large temple complex.

Tungabhadra River and some rock art!

The Coracle ride in Tungabhadra River!

Some temple ruins on the way to view the Kotilinga & Padmanabha Carving.

The Famed Golden Chariot of Hampi! It is very difficult to get a complete pictures without someone Photobombing, still patience pays!

Sunset view on the way back to the River!

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