Jaisalmer –Jodhpur – Kumbhalgarh – Ranakpur

Location: Rajasthan, India

Total 9 Days

For 9 days, adjust with Saturday & Sunday -5 days Official Leave in between

Jaisalmer Desert Festival & Trekking Expedition is organized by YHAI, every year. It includes 3 days of full filled colorful activities, & remaining 3 days of Desert Trekking expedition which involves Trekking in a Desert, Camping in the Desert, Scumptious Rajasthani Local Food, 12 kms of Camel Safari & one day to sightsee Jaisalmer.


Leave Friday Evening, Take Mumbai –Jaipur Flight

Connect the arrival with Jaipur –Jaisalmer overnight Train and reach on Saturday, early morning(keep buffer of 1.5 hrs in between incase the flight arrives late or for traffic snarls in between Airport & Railway Station)

Day 1: Saturday – Reach & Report to the Base Camp for the YHAI Trek, Early morning Reporting, attend 1st of Desert Fest, usually you get some time to sightsee the Jaisalmer

Day 2 : Sunday – 2nd Day of Desert Fest

Day 3: Monday – 3rd Day of Desert Fest

Day 4: Tuesday – Desert Trekking & Camping in the Desert

Day 5: Wednesday – Desert Trekking & Camping in the Desert

Day 6: Thursday – Desert Trekking including the 12 kms of Desert Camel Safari, arriving at the Base Camp by afternoon. After Lunch, go for Jaisalmer Sightsee. Instead of waiting to leave the next day, take the overnight train to Jodhpur on Thursday night

You can one more day for complete Jaisalmer Sightseeing if needed.

Day 7: Friday Morning – Jodhpur, Check in hotel and go for Jodhpur Sightsee

Day 8: Saturday Morning – Jodhpur to Sayra by Bus, further take the bus to Kuimbhalgarh (book Hotel), reach by Afternoon.

Day 9: Sunday Morning – Kumbhalgarh Fort till 4 pm. and later on the way visit Ranakpur (1 hr sufficient).

Late night at 09:30 PM, take train to Mumbai, reaching early Morning, & back to Office.

This is how, we did the trip, but you can add 1 more day wherever needed, more specifically at Kumbhalgarh, because it is huge to explore leisurely. Also, Kumbhalgarh was an expensive affair, because of its status as Wild life Sanctuary. You can read my trip to these places here.

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