Kakanmath and Nurabad Bridge

Next on list was Kakanmath, I had kept it optional incase we were late to explore, it was some 30 mins from Mitaoli. It was in the Sihoniya Village. Standing tall against the vibrant sky, this two storey temple looks like it will crumble any moment from far.

10156829651980781As you go closer you see the imposing structure is standing tall against all odds over the centuries, sharing the story of bygone era. Sihoniya was capital of Kushwahas. The temple was built by Kushwaha Ruler Kirtiraj in the 11th century to fulfill the wish of Queen Kakanwati.

Rising to amost 150 ft in height, temple complex was Panchayatana design with four smaller temples in four corners and the central Shiva Temple. The smaller corner temples are not there, only remnants can be seen.

The central Shiva Shrine consist of a sanctum, antarala, ardha-mandapa and mukha-mandapa.The Mandapa has two storeys, there are different beautiful sculptures of God & Goddesses on the outer wall.

10156829652465781There is a hugh Toran at the end of Stairs, forming a beautiful frame for picture.

It was already 2:00 PM, and we were hungry, there was no dabbas or proper hotel to eat.

10156829652020781We came to Morena city. We had our lunch and moved back to Gwalior via Nurabad. We stopped for 10 minutes to view the old Nurabad Bridge, which is supposed to have carried the weight of Armies going from Gwalior to Agra and vice versa.

10156829658475781Nowadays, it is not used for transportation, another bridge is built parallel to it. Locals were having some function on the bridge, we hoped the government takes better care of it, rather than ignoring it.

10156829658965781After getting some photographs we reached Gwalior by 05:30 PM. We had sometime, before we could catch the train to respective destinations.

Scindia Chattri

We visited the Scindia Chattri, more of a picnic spot with beautiful white marble temple & surrounded by a Park. In all this, missed out Naresar group of Temples. Maybe, will visit next time.

I had a wedding to attend in Delhi, hence boarded the Delhi train along with the Sisters. We reached early morning next day. Since, Parvez’s wedding was in the evening, friends of mine (VJ, Sunny & Vaibhav) who had come specially for wedding decided to utilize the time by visiting one of the monuments in  “Monumental city of Delhi”. We had some delicious snacks at Haldiram and later visited Humayun’s Tomb.



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