Garhi Padhavali, Morena

We left with heavy heart, leaving behind wonderful site – Bateshwar Group of Temples, one can ever visit. On the way back to Mitaoli, we stopped at Garhi (land fort) Padhawli. Padavli means Surrounded by Hills. It is believed to be built during 8th to 10th century.  This also had its share of destruction by natural causes & Mughal Invasion.

Garhi Padhavli

As per the notes, Kachhapaghata rulers built this architectural Shiva Temple between 10th & 11th Century. This place was fortified in the 19th Century by the Jat rulers. There are few stairs to climb at the entrance with two huge lions on either side welcoming you.


1015682953752578110156829537780781101568295379107811015682953808078110156829538245781It is basically a Shiva temple, with amazing Sculptures of Ramayana, Mahabharata and other epics on the Mandap area. The roof of the Mandap area had intricate carvings, with scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharat and other Purans. The trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Krishna Leela, Samudra Manthan, wedding of Ganesh, Dancing Shiva, different avatars of Lord Vishnu, all gracing different panels, making the whole roof a spectacle to watch. There were few people describing the each lintels in detail. We kept looking up and admiring each frieze. Certainly, it was very beautiful sight to behold.

10156829538560781.jpgThere is a two storey building on the Courtyard which basically looked like used for storing Cannon balls and other stuff. There is also a well at one end. We saw some of the broken structures with carvings were used for fortification during that time.

10156829538735781.jpgWe sat for sometime, the sun was already on head. We had to visit the next destination  Mitaoli, which was on the opposite side of the junction. The roads are potholed, hardly any facilities for tourist is seen, the villages are far from each other.



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