Belavadi or Ekachakranagara

Belavadi or Ekachakranagara is around 12kms away from Halebidu, and I had read about beguiling architecture of the Veeranarayana Temple. This is also a Trikuta temple built by Veera Ballala II in the 13th century and is considered to be the best examples of Hoyasala Architecture. The entrance has elephants on both sides.

Abhimanyu’s Chakravyuha

Here the main deity Sri.Veeranarayana is with Four arms standing on a lotus (8 ft tall – older shrine) is in the center facing East, Sri.Venugopala Krishna, leaning against a tree, playing his flute, surrounded by Shravan Kumaras, Gopikas, Cows, Gopalas etc. with Rukmini and Satyabhama on either side (8 ft Tall) facing North and Sri.Yoganarasimha (7 ft tall) in sitting posture, holding the Shankh & Chakra with Sridevi & Bhoodevi on either side, is facing South. The huge navaranga between these three temples is filled with carved Pillars and ceilings illustrating stories from Bhagvadgita. God). The Dashavathara is carved on the Prabhavali. During circumambulation of the temple, similar to Hoysaleshwara temple, there were various images of Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu in various avatars. Also, I found the carving of Ravana lifting Mount Kailash here too.

Interiors of Veeranarayana Temple, Belavadi

Left Belavadi by 2.00 pm for Belur. It was another 45 mins journey. On reaching Belur City, I asked the auto driver to stop for lunch.

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