Maheshwar (City of Shiva)

Maheshwar also known for Maheshwari Sarees as well as Maheshwar Fort and temples at the banks of the Narmada River, was 40 kms from Mandu, our last destination.

We finalized the deal for Rs. 2000 for entire trip and drop back to Dhar. There were frequent buses from Dhar to Ratlam. Got up early, checked out of Dharamshala, had breakfast on the way, we could see the Roopmati Pavilion all along the way on the top of a mountain.

We began our tour by visiting Rajgaddi and Rajwada, Residence of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, we walked further to Narmada Ghat. Whole ghat is lined by miniatures of Shivlings and temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. We took a look around the temple within the fort called Ahilyeshwar Shivalaya, admiring its grandeur. The architecture was brilliant. 

We saw the Baneswar Mahadev temple in the midst of the Narmada river. Being a Mahadev temple, we, fans of Mahadev (not TV serial but the legend himself), had to visit it anyhow. We enquired around and were directed to the Shikara boat. The boat dropped us right at the entrance of the temple.  Sat on the steps for sometime with waves splashing our feet. It was so serene, with water all around. With heavy heart, we had to get back.

We reverted back to the Ghat admiring the structures along the river bedside. There was calmness around. It is aptly called as “Shiva’s quiet abode”. After going through some of the temples, we retraced our foot back to the fort, visited the REWA society, a handloom- famous for ‘Maheshwari sarees’.

We browsed through some materials, driver suggested us a place, in case we wanted to shop for materials. We jumped at the idea. He halted the car at the bazaar, we bought some sarees and materials blowing some thousands.

Our return journey was from Dhar to Ratlam Junction and back to Mumbai through August Kranti Express.

Initially, plan was only for Mandu, but later on stretched it to Maheshwar. Both places were equally charming with incredible architecture, grandeur & offcourse greenery. Thankfully, being August, Monsoon didn’t play spoilsport and we thanked it for same. We also came to know that Songstress Roopmati and Poet /Singer Baz Bahadur had a unique relationship, which was related to their love for music. Palaces were mostly build during Raja Bhoj era. There are around 132 Mahals. Overall, it was a “Palace and Temples” tour which were reminder of our glorious past.

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